Yksi Card game


2014 • Yes, I'm obsessed with Uno ("Yksi" in Finnish). For some reason, I am fascinated by this game, so of course I had to make my own version. After having ordered a bunch of these packs, I must admit that I haven't played (neither have my close ones...) with the official game any more. Please contact me if you want to try it for yourself, I still have some packs left and am getting ready to order some more!



Glittertind Djevelsvart


2013 • Glittertind's brand new album, Djevelsvart ("Devil Black"), has hit Norway hard. These young guys really know how to write music and you should definitely listen to their new master piece of soulful, folkish rock. I had the joy and opportunity to once again create the layout for the CD, vinyl and iTunes versions of the album. The amazingly beautiful cover artwork itself was done by Linda K. Røed and I expanded on her work to create the rest of the whole package. The theme of the album is the unsettling existential questions raised by the second industrial revolution of the late 19th century and the rise of individualism and the waning of religion in the growing cities.


Cover artwork by Linda K. Røed

Photography by Fiona Sand



Mahtisonni Team logo


2013 • For once I had the pleasure to work on something I had never done before, a logo for a sport team. I unfortunately haven't yet seen these guys play (basketball and football) but they now do have a ballsy logo indeed!



Various logos


2005–2013 • Logos... Wish I could do more of those!



Glittertind Landkjenning


2008 • Once again I had the joy to work for Glittertind: this is the layout of the (long awaited) new album, "Landkjenning". A lot of the design is based on a painting by Kris Verwimp so a big thanks goes out to him and his amazing work. I wanted to do something special for this record so I created a whole runic-styled font family, also called "Landkjenning". More about it in the Miscellaneous section of this site.


Cover artwork by Kris Verwimp

Photo by John-Ivar Sandvik



Amok Necrosapiens & Hephaistos


2002–2003 • These are the artworks for Swiss death metal mob Amok's first two EPs. Hephaistos' theme is inspired by the Greek god of metallurgy who builds mighty weapons and artefacts for the gods of Olympus in his forge, deep down under a volcano. In another style, I found the title "Necrosapiens" quite inspiring too!