MPS Prewise Gimlet Player


2015 • MPS Prewise's HTML5 e-learning template needed a deep make-over and I gladly took the opportunity to lead the project. All the typical components of the template were redesigned from the ground up and many new page types and functionalities were added to the fold. As a graphic designer, I placed a strong focus on simplifying the customisation of the template via the extensive use of symbols, colour swatches, character and paragraph styles in Illustrator. A tight cooperation with the developers made it possible to customise the UI to match any client's brand in just a few clicks. The UI is fully responsive and offers great support from large desktop screens to small, vertical mobile phone screens.


 UI   /   UX

Various Icons


2014–2017 • This is a few examples of icon sets I've designed for various projects.


 UI   /   UX

MPS Prewise Gimlet Squares


2015 • This is a new type of template I developed for e-learning courses. The learning doesn't work linearly, rather in a modular fashion. The user first picks a category on the menu on the left and is then free to open any content in this chosen category.  The progression can still be tracked  via the discreet progress bars for each category and via the main progress indicator for the whole course in the lower left corner. The squares can be adjusted in size in regards of their importance and they rearrange automatically as the screen size changes.


 UI   /   UX

Various e-learnings


2010–2014 • Various e-learning examples I've designed over the years for the likes of OP, Nokia, Stockmann, TeliaSonera, Tieto and more.